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An open approach to smart buildings.We are creating an open platform for physical spaces, adding intelligence to Alarm Systems, Video Surveillance and Building Automation. Our community-based approach means the solution is bigger than just one company.


Gain your freedom.Our mobile app has been thoughtfully designed to eliminate complexity and give you full control of your space, whether on premise, or a thousand miles away. The AI intelligence engine surfaces the meaningful events that help you make decisions quickly.

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An intelligent system designed around you.Our products gain powerful insights into the everyday use of your space. Intuitive automations make things happen without needing to micromanage every aspect of your building.

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  • Edge AI Controller
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    Highly Intelligent

    The brain of the building includes a built-in neural processor that handles 2.3 trillion TensorFlow operations per second and is easily expanded by adding accessories.

  • Video Doorbell
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    Keep an eye out

    Doorbell sees every arrival, day or night, with a true 180° field of view.

  • Keypad
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    Always home, even when you’re not.

    The easiest way to control security and access, whether you are home or 8,000 miles away.

  • Two-Way Chime
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    Give your building a voice

    Use just one, or spread them throughout the building - Chime gives your space a voice and when coupled with AI audio analytics it enables the system to react to what it hears.

The AI Edge Controller is the brain of the system. It’s surrounded by a suite of sensors which pick up occupancy, movement, climate and air quality, all linked to locks, alerts and alarms. This smart system enables all the different applications to make your space more intelligent.

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Works in any enviroment.Simple and highly customizable for any space - big or small. Our system is seamless, encrypted, and open - with ultra long range wireless and zero configuration.

Simple Starter Bundles.We recognize that preferences vary. Choose from our diverse residential or enterprise bundles to build a smart environment that suits your unique needs and tastes.


What happens in your space stays in your space. We created a unique technical architecture where personal information isn’t in someone else’s cloud. Our thoughtful cloudless architecture is designed for customers who value data privacy.


Make your space do more for you.Our app store for smart buildings enables you to download new capabilities over the air, allowing developers to build what’s right for your environment.

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    App Store

    The app store allows you to download edge-apps and AI intelligence modules that enhance the capabilities of your building. 3rd party developers can build and deploy features that make our solution bigger than just one company.

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    Low-code visual programming

    With flow-based visual programming, you can customize your environment to match your business or personal needs, adapt to patterns using AI analytics or trigger events based on external data feeds such as weather forecasts. Once perfected, you can even share your creations with others.

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    Interoperates with any thing

    Because our platform is open, you can connect all your favorite brands and devices using Zigbee, Matter, ONVIF, USB, RS-485 or TCP/IP. Developers can create adapters that extend compatibility to any device using any communications path. Our unique hardware I/O modules allow interfacing to the real world. Full integration on one unified platform, that is the joy of Simple Things.

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    Develop native apps

    Thanks to the platform SDK, developers can create and add new functionality, support new devices, and integrate with their favorite services using familiar programming languages such as Python, Rust or Go. And we’re here to help you from start to finish, as you develop the apps that will be part of creating the future of building automation.

We’re Open Source.We are bigger than one company. We recognize that to win, we need to partner with a community of like-minded developers who will bring their unique experience and innovation to our platform.

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Follow us as we get ready for launch.Creating our simplified system is a complex challenge, but we are working hard to deliver something truly innovative.