We are Simple Things.Our mission is to enhance the lives of our customers by creating technologies that intelligently unify the environments we live and work.

Where we started

Our journey started during the pandemic, when many families were working from home and participating in remote schooling. The genesis was a simple concept -- a new type of intelligent home security system that would interact with the other things in our homes, turning our living spaces into an intelligent platform with knowledge of our daily routines. Now we could learn from everything that was happening in our space and make intelligent decisions that better respond to the world around us. These initial sparks made us realize that there were other areas beyond home security that could benefit from similar thinking around building intelligence. We started thinking about commercial applications around energy management, visitor management, deliveries and more. The environments we live and work had become separate and indifferent to our needs. The pandemic made it clear that there are blurred lines between our work and home lives, and a unification platform of sorts was well suited to enable a better overall experience as we traverse these boundaries. Our aim is to create technologies that gracefully reunite the user and their space in ways that bring great comfort and satisfaction.

Simple. Private. Open.Developing advanced technology, to simplify everyday life.

We are a global team of entrepreneurs, business leaders, technologists and makers. In past roles we've created some of the platforms and products billions of people use everyday. Our company is developing open source solutions to some of the industry's hardest problems. We feel strongly that a community-based approach with like-minded contributors is the best way to ensure we accomplish our mission.

Our values

Our values are built into our products and offerings and represent our conscientious approach of using technology to improve the daily lives of our customers. They are visible in everything we create and design, and consistent in our approach as a company. When extended beyond just one company, our values are what anchors our open source effort. A community-based approach that helps us adapt these concepts for a global audience.

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    Alan Kay once said: “Make simple things simple, and complex things possible”. We agree that the best products hide complexity and make it easy to do what most people want. That's why we've invested our energy and effort into architecting a robust system that's powerful, elegant and extensible.

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    We consider privacy as an underlying human right. Data privacy is becoming one of the most scarce commodities in the modern age. Our products and offerings are built with data privacy in mind, and we will tirelessly work toward empowering our customers to regain control of their personal information.

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    Advancement is only possible through community, collaboration and joint effort. Our open source approach allows anyone to utilize our work in their own products and services. More importantly, it allows anyone to contribute toward our shared vision, while no longer being at the mercy of a single company.

  • Dedicated employees

    We are a passionate team of entrepreneurs, business leaders, technologists and makers. We love what we do, and have a great amount of pride in our creations. Collectively we've built products that billions of people use on a daily basis.

  • Countries

    We are a global team with offices in North America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

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    Lines of code

    Our engineers have contributed over 3 million lines of code that comprise our open platform for intelligent spaces.

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    We are ambitious. We have developed a series of products that add value across hardware, software and services. The synthesis of these domains into a focused product contribute to a delightful user experience.

  • 43.8%

    Household penetration for smart home technology in 2022

  • 68.6%

    Projected penetration for smart home technology by 2027

  • 56%

    Households with security systems that are self installed vs professionally installed

We are a global team of expertsWe love what we do and are exceptionally single-minded about solving some of the biggest problems in automation.

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We are looking for teammates who want to develop products that improve people's lives through simplicity and openness.Feel free to reach out.