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Track, record and predict activity in your space.An intelligent sensor that understands your environment.


  • Advanced accuracy

    An upgrade to the traditional PIR motion sensor that can detect human presence by sensing movement as subtle as breathing.

  • Data that counts

    Radar accurately counts people and objects in a room regardless of their movement, while also providing additional details such as their speed, movement direction, and precise location.

  • Added privacy

    Anonymous detection and tracking delivers high fidelity tracking without the need to deliver private images of people. Added protection with added privacy.

  • Adaptable Hardware

    You can power this device using a legacy wired connection or a USB-C port, and its adaptable mounting system helps position it anywhere in your home.


Product photo
  • Dimensions

    70.00 x 70.00 x 25.00 mm

  • Power Options

    USB-C connector Wired (Up to 24V AC or DC)

  • Radios

    ST-MESH Open Mesh network Dual band WiFi 5, IEEE 802.11 a,b,g,n,ac Bluetooth 5.0

  • Mounting

    Threaded ball bearing mount Flat wall mount Corner wall mount

  • User Interface

    LED indicator NFC mobile phone tap User Button RS485 for wired connection Pinhole Hard Reset Button

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